Front bumper – Toyota Hilux Vigo (2011-2015)

Intended for: Toyota Hilux Vigo, all engine versions

Steel Front Bumper More 4×4 Toyota Hilux Vigo 2011-2015

it is made of steel with a thickness of 6, 4 and 3 mm.

The bumpers are covered in “Cracked Desert” baked structural paint applied in a powder coating technique.

This strong structure gives an effect similar to the RAPTOR coating. The front bumper of the Toyota Hilux Vigo can be expanded with additional accessories.

The price is for the Toyota Hilux Vigo bumper, but without the cost of additional equipment.

The winch holder is integrated inside the bumper. The price includes a bumper with an internal winch support and the necessary supports for attaching it to the vehicle.

Additional options:

  • Lights in the bumper
  • Hook holder
  • Towing hook – hook – omega
  • Radiator and engine protection

9.399,00 kn (1.247,46 €) (without VAT 7.519,20 kn (997,97 €) )




Steel front bumper Toyota Hilux Vigo – Offroad bumper

Status:                       Available
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