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Cover – Galaxy – Aeroklas – In vehicle color – VW Amarok Double Cab (2010+)

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The Aeroklas cover offers excellent protection for your bad and cargo. Access to the bad is easy thanks to a lifting angle of 45 degrees and a height of 60-80 cm which allows you to load bulky cargo without any problems. The cover has a durable locking mechanism, LED light under the lid, high-quality hinges and a rubber seal to prevent water from leaking into the tub.

Strong, resistant to chemicals and temperatures, no rust. Made from a single piece of ABS, so there are no joints, sharp edges or weak spots. Due to its shape, the hood reduces wind flow inside the truck, resulting in fuel savings. It is recommended to install with a cover above the rails or a rail guard, but it can also be installed with a base under the rails or without a cover.

1.446,68  (without VAT 1.157,34 )



  • Made of two-layer ABS plastic, the same material used in the aerospace industry
  • Drilling-free installation; easy assembly and disassembly
  • Lightweight, only 28 kg
  • They open easily and close with gas struts
  • Strong and secure lock to protect your belongings
  • Weather protection with high quality rubber seal
  • Fuel saving
  • Battery-powered interior light


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