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Hardtop – SmartCap Canopy – EVOd Defender – VW Amarok (2010+)

SmartCap canopy is the first modular five-part cap system. It is made of stainless steel (forged, not sprayed) to flawlessly installed components. Organize your truck bed exactly the way you want it. It holds 150 kg of driving equipment and a whopping 350 kg when standing.

Gullwing openings are about 17% higher than the average side window you’ll find on a fiberglass canopy – making it easier to access the load and screws in the component.

The five-piece design incorporates an innovative sealing method that, when properly installed, makes the Hardtop weather-resistant.

Elegantly designed on top of the cover, built-in roof racks allow the use of other components for the installation of roof tents, bicycles, kayaks, ladders. Plus, if you already own a rack system, no problem. Their universal design allows you to mount almost anything.

The low-profile locking mechanism invisibly pours into the Hardtop door and can only be opened at the touch of a button. In addition, all six locks have the same key for maximum security and easy access.

4.199,00  (without VAT 3.359,20 )



  • 409 Automotive Stainless Steel
  • Load level: dynamic 150 kg and static 350 kg
  • Weight: 75-85kg medium size to 90-100kg full size
  • Locks with the same key
  • Side doors are raised with strong gas supports
  • Fastening to screws with original mounting points

Consists of:

  • third brake light
  • positive Pressure Filtered Air Vent
  • universal roof racks
  • double-walled stainless steel doors and windows
  • Gullwing door

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