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LED LIGHTS OSRAM LEDriving® 108W 12 / 24V VX1000-CB SM LEDDL120-CB SM

Light up the night with OSRAM LEDriving lights for driving and working. Continue the adventure long after sunset. With OSRAM LEDriving® thin light VX1000-CB (12 / 24V). Near and far field lighting with 36 high-performance LEDs will light your way up to 525 m, so you can always know what your adventure brings.

Significantly improved visibility on dark country roads, forest trails, off-road, off-road and on the road - this can be achieved with the OSRAM LEDriving Lightbar VX1000-CB SM. With its 36 high-performance, long-life OSRAM LEDs, the VX1000-CB SM has a range of up to 525 meters, offering the driver impressive visibility on and off the road. Even in low light and reduced visibility due to external environmental influences, the OSRAM LEDriving Lightbar VX1000-CB SM with up to 6000 Kelvin can provide conditions similar to daylight. This gives you excellent efficiency with 108 W and up to 6000 lumens of brightness with maximum optical efficiency and homogeneous light distribution. This results in a better view for you and better visibility of your vehicle by other road users, and consequently greater safety on and off the road.

Whether off-road or off-road, the OSRAM LEDriving Lightbar VX1000-CB SM impresses with its performance and longevity. Versatile, withstands many environmental influences and is particularly light, robust and durable due to its high quality materials, such as aluminum housing and fixed polycarbonate lens. OSRAM LEDriving Lightbar VX1000-CB SM has been tested and certified with protection class IP67 in Osram's certified laboratory for simulating the environment for extreme external influences related to water, dust, shock, heat, cold and permanent vibration. The integrated driver and heat management system regulate the temperature of the LED light and can thus prevent damage due to overheating. Polarity protection prevents incorrect supply voltage polarity and thus can prevent possible damage by automatically switching off the LEDs.

On and off the road, the OSRAM LEDriving Lightbar VX1000-CB SM is an effective addition to your vehicle. LED light LEDDL120-CB SM has the appropriate ECE certificate. For use on public roads, registration or entry in vehicle documentation (homologation) 2) OSRAM LEDriving Lightbar VX1000-CB SM can be attached to the following types of vehicles: cars, trucks, agricultural machinery, commercial vehicles, construction vehicles, trailers, off-road vehicles and quad bikes).

Product details VX1000-CB SM (LEDDL120-CB SM):

The set includes:

  • light strip,
  • bracket set,
  • set of screws

Product dimensions:

  • light strip: 1031 mm x 67 mm x 35 mm;
  • light strip with brackets: 1084 mm x 67 mm x 63 mm
  • Weight: 2.76 kg

Features of Osram LEDriving VX1000-CB SM:

36 high-performance intensive LEDs with OSRAM technology reach a distance of 525 m and provide 6000 lumens.

The light intensity with a color of 6000 Kelvin is distributed as a combined (COMBO) air pattern - illumination of near and far fields. The intelligent design of the reflector directs the light from the LEDs so that the oncoming vehicles are not exposed to direct LED light.

The light is equipped with a durable polycarbonate lens that allows use in the most difficult weather conditions. The integrated driver and heat management system measures and regulates the LED temperature, eliminates the risk of overheating and helps extend its lifespan. Full LED polarity protection automatically interrupts the circuit in the event of an overvoltage, ensuring a long service life. The LEDDL120-CB SM operating light complies with ECE standards. We also offer cable SET, which is available and sold separately.

380,00  (without VAT 304,00 )




Technical information: LEDDL120-CB SM:

  • Label: VX1000-CB SM
  • Code: LEDDL120-CB SM
  • EAN code: 4062172232159
  • Light distance of 1lx: ~ 525m
  • Hot lumens: 6000lm
  • Rated input power: 108W
  • Voltage: 12 / 24V
  • IP protection: IP67
  • Light temperature color: 6000K
  • Lifespan (Tc): 5000 hours
  • Protection against incorrect polarity of the connection
  • Warranty: 2 years Double ECE homologation: 2x R112 (37.5 + 37.5).
  • Only one LED light may be installed for type-approval. EMC / EMI: ECE R10


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