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Platforma – Slimline II MEDIUM 1475x1358mm – Ford Ranger EGR RollTrac (2012-2022, 2023+)

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Configure your platform – Roll Top Slimline II Load Bed Rack Kit – Ford Ranger Wildtrak, Raptor for any adventure.

Clear precious load bed space and still haul your adventure gear and toys on a full-sized bed rack with this Ford Ranger EGR RollTrac Slimline II Load Bed Rack Kit.

T6 aluminum coated with black epoxy powder
High strength steel

T-slots on the tops and bottoms of drawer slats and edge profiles accommodate standard 8mm screws.

1.335,00  (without VAT 1.068,00 )




Consisting of:

  • 3x LASS028 – Pick-Up Roll Top Leg Mount
  • 1x RRSTM07 – SLII Tray – 1475mm(W)X1358mm(L)


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Weight25,91 kg
Dimensions173 × 45 × 23 cm
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