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Platforme – Pro Bed Rack Kit – Ford Ranger Wildtrak / Raptor (2022+)

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Get ready to massively up the gear-carrying capacity in the load bed area of your Ford Ranger T6 Wildtrak Raptor with our Pro Bed Rack Kit. Includes a Slimline II Roof Rack and Pro Bed System that is secured to the bed of your Ford. Attach various Pro Bed accessories to the Pro Bed System, while all our 55+ available rack accessories can go on the Slimline II—no more excuses for leaving any gear behind.

  • This Pro Bed Rack Kit is specifically designed to fit the Ford Ranger T6.2 Wildtrak/Raptor load bed.
  • Included in this Kit is the a 1425mm/56.1″ x 1560mm/61.4″ Slimline II Rack and Pro Bed System.
  • The Pro Bed Rack Kit provides the freedom to customize your Load Bed storage configuration.
  • The Slimline II Rack allows all the top, side and under rack mounted adventure gear accessories.

Material Used:
Black epoxy powder – coated T6 aluminium

Approximate Installed Weight: 70.3kg 

2.745,00  (without VAT 2.196,00 )




Consisting of:

  • 3x FASS025 – Foot Set / 70mm – 80mm
  • 1x PBFR002S – Ford Ranger T6.2 Next Gen (2023-Current) Pro Bed S
  • 1x RRSTD07 – SLII Tray – 1255mm(W)X1358mm(L)


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Weight39 kg
Dimensions172 × 44 × 29,5 cm
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