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Portable air compressor – TJM

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The TJM portable air compressor makes it easy to adjust tire pressure and is an essential part of your kit for any road adventure.

With an incredible flow rate of just under 75 liters per minute, the TJM air compressor will ensure you spend more time enjoying the outdoors and less time ventilating your tires. In addition, with this device, dust can be easily cleaned from air filters and coolers if you regularly drive on dusty roads or off-road.

The unit is solid, weighs just over 5kg and comes complete with everything you need; a 7.2m quick-release hose, two mattress adapters and a ball-inflating needle, and there’s even a spare fuse.

Everything comes packed in a sturdy carrying case.

145,00  (without VAT 116,00 )



  • 72 liters/min maximum air flow
  • 8.3 bar max. working pressure
  • Hose size 7.2 m
  • Maximum voltage: 13.8 V
  • Air-cooled, thermally protected engine
  • Double core with alligator clasps
  • Pressure gauge
  • Weight: 5.5 kg bag and hose


Delivery is charged for EU countries.  Before sending the package, we additionally check the delivery price. In case of additional shipping costs, we will inform the customer and send an offer. 


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