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Rear Bull bar – Misutonida – Crom or Black matt – Land Cruiser KDJ 120 2003-2009

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Rear bull bar, Misutonida accessories.

Bull bar is made according to the latest EU standards with the necessary documents 78/2009/EC.

It means it is made to high technological safety standards.

Rear protection bar provides bumper protection against smaller parking collisions and elevates the look of the car.


319,00  (without VAT 255,20 )



  • Protection bars, 76 mm diameter
  • Material 100% STAINLESS STEEL
  • Easy installation, no drilling
  • We add a complete mounting set and easy installation instructions for your car.


Delivery is charged for EU countries.  Before sending the package, we additionally check the delivery price. In case of additional shipping costs, we will inform the customer and send an offer. 


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