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Roll Cover – Tessera 4×4 – Comp. OE Roll Bar – BLACK – Ford Ranger ExtraCab (2012+)

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Patented perimeter base (5mm thickness) which hugs and reinforces 100% in length and width the side rail part of the trunk body.
Anti-theft designed (patented) aluminum hinges which are unable to disengage each other for 100% security.
The only in global market with Patented incorporated “Anti-Leaf technology” and “Water Level indicator” for the best and long-life operation of the aluminum roller lid-shutter.
The only with Vinyl surface on top of aluminum hinges for the best protection from any weather conditions.
Flexibility to combine with OEM equipment and extra accessories such as roll bars, side handrails, cross racks, etc.
High security central locking system, with ergonomic handle for all weather conditions (made in Germany). Combined with special structure of two anodized aluminum tongues, which extend over the entire length of the roller lid and offers extreme long-lasting durability in extreme weather conditions.
No drill.
Specially made 2 drainage systems, 2 overflows, and 4 water channels for rapid, complete drainage of the unit housing and best protection from water.
Aerodynamic design to boost fuel economy.
100 % frictionless & Noiseless
Compact design housing box for bigger loading capacity of the trunk and aluminum axis Φ80 for heavy duty.

  • ΙSO 9001:2015
  • ISO 14001:2015
  • TUV AUSTRIA AUTOMOTIVE Approval for Management Systems (development & production) of body parts for 4×4 vehicles.

1.942,50  (without VAT 1.554,00 )



SOT 1307 ROLL + ADAPT-008-B
  • The strongest & durable roller lid shutter of the global market (total weight of aluminum: 52kg).
  • 100% hand-made roller lid shutter of the global market
  • 3 years Warranty
  • Possibility more accessories (see picture)



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