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Set of springs for lifting +3cm – EIBACH – Ineos Grandier – WITHOUT WINCH

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Ideal conditions for the field

Attractive, sporty optics

Lift spring kit “Pro-Lift-Kit” +3cm Ineos Grandier – Higher ground clearance for an off-road look
Experience the optimal off-road capability of your Ineos Grandier with the “Pro-Lift-Kit” set of lifting springs, which has been specially developed to not only provide improved off-road ground clearance, but also to give a striking off-road appearance.

Lifting: front axle approx. 30 mm | Rear axle approx. 30 mm
Optimal interaction: developed for use with series silencers
Higher off-road ground clearance: ideal conditions for demanding off-road adventures
Off-road look: Give your Ineos Grandier a rugged and striking style
Suitable for everyday use: maintains standard comfort for everyday use
TÜV parts certificate: with parts certificate according to §19 StVZO for safe and legal use as well as entry in vehicle documents
Valid throughout the EU: The parts certificate is recognized in all EU countries, including Germany

The “Pro-Lift-Kit” suspension kit not only offers an off-road appearance, but also allows for improved ground clearance for even better off-road performance. Please note that the TÜV certificate for the parts included in the scope of delivery ensures smooth entry into the vehicle documents and is valid in all EU countries.

Enrich your off-road experience and give your Ineos Grandier a distinctive off-road look! Order now and experience freedom off the street.

439,00  (without VAT 351,20 )




For vehicles with NO a front winch!

Set of lifting springs “Pro-Lift-Kit” +3cm Ineos Grandier

For vehicles with a NO front winch!

Includes TÜV certificate for parts


Delivery is charged for EU countries.  Before sending the package, we additionally check the delivery price. In case of additional shipping costs, we will inform the customer and send an offer. 


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