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Snorkel – Bravo Snorkel – Isuzu D-Max (2012+)

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Bravo Snorkel is the leading manufacturer of specialized vacuum cleaners in Europe. In addition to developing and controlling production from its base in Spain, Bravo offers a range of high-end products, along with a five-year warranty. Installation is easy with the supplied template.

Snorkel is most commonly considered a means of retaining water in the engine. While this is true, the 4 × 4 snorkel, which has become such a visible symbol of off-road driving and adventurous travel, was actually developed to prevent dust from the engine. Off-road driving or use in agriculture can cause a large amount of dust to be sucked into the vehicle, which clogs the air filter element and can cause power loss and overheating.

Bravo snorkel kits offer a high quality solution to minimize water and dust penetration. They are made of high quality LLDPE, in one piece by rotary shaping. This diving kit is intended for normal and demanding use.

The set consists of:

  • snorkel
  • heads
  • templates
  • accessories.

437,50  (without VAT 350,00 )



  • Material; ExxonMobil America LLDPE LL 8446.21
  • With EC directive certification
  • Head diameter; 89 mm (3.5 “)
  • Protect your engine from ingesting water and other harmful elements
  • Increased airflow (some models)
  • Durable and UV stable materials
  • Accurate fitting template included
  • 5 year warranty


Delivery is charged for EU countries.  Before sending the package, we additionally check the delivery price. In case of additional shipping costs, we will inform the customer and send an offer. 


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