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Tyre Repair Kit – TJM

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The TJM tire repair kit is a simple solution to repair punctured tires while you are off the beaten track. An effective temporary solution to help you maintain your adventure, the TJM Tire Repair Kit allows you to close the tire leak and get to safety. Everything you need to repair most types of tire or valve damage is included in the kit, and everything is easy to store thanks to the protective case.




61,25  (without VAT 49,00 )



The set includes:
  • rasping tool
  • 2x needles
  • 20x rubber stickers for tires
  • valve spindle removal tool
  • 4x replacement valves
  • knife
  • pointed pliers
  • Imbus key
  • lubricant for the pipe i.e. Vaseline
  • instruction booklet.


Delivery is charged for EU countries.  Before sending the package, we additionally check the delivery price. In case of additional shipping costs, we will inform the customer and send an offer. 


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