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OSRAM LEDriving® Lightbar VX80-SP additional operating LED light

Osram LEDriving work light CUBE VX80-SP is a series of LED light values. Illuminate your adventures on the road or off the road with a strongly directed light up to a distance of 230 meters. The Osram LEDriving CUBE VX80-SP illuminates in the form of a directional / spot beam (SP), which specializes in field lighting with a beam of light up to 230 meters away. The cool white LED lights create an intense light of 6000 Kelvin. The lights are suitable for vehicles with a voltage of 12V or 24V. The products are designed in a robust and compact design with a long service life of up to 5000 hours. They are equipped with extremely robust polycarbonate lenses that can withstand even demanding conditions. These LED lights are characterized by extremely high optical efficiency, homogeneous light distribution and reduced glazing. OSRAM offers a two-year warranty for the LEDriving CUBE VX80-SP. The new OSRAM LED lights offer the best LED technology and the most sophisticated design on the market. Lighting data (lumens) are real and realistic. The data are not instantaneous cold lumens, but actual lumens generated by LED light during operation (hence they are called HOT lumens).

Product advantages:

  • Efficient working light in LED technology
  • Compact and robust: high resistance thanks to specially designed polycarbonate lenses
  • Long service life thanks to intelligent heat management
  • High power LED lights
  • Square shape 80mm
  • 2 year warranty

Approval and areas of application:

Additional LED lights LEDriving Cube VX80-SP are approved in accordance with ECE R10 (ie for off-road use). Their use varies depending on versatility: off-road vehicles, rescue, control, transportation of supplies in poor areas, construction work, maintenance, snow plows, camping, cross, 4 × 4 quad, trucks, commercial vehicles, construction, earthworks, agriculture and trailers.


110,00  (without VAT 88,00 )




Technical information:

  • Light distance @ 1lx: ~ 114 m
  • Hot lumens: 1300 lm
  • Color temperature: 6000K
  • Rated input power: 20W
  • Input voltage: 12 / 24V
  • IP protection: IP67
  • EMC / EMI: ECE R10
  • Wrong polarity protection
  • Cable length: 35 cm


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